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 Trade = No: Gift = Yes

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Trade = No: Gift = Yes Empty
PostSubject: Trade = No: Gift = Yes   Trade = No: Gift = Yes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 2:03 pm


As many of you know, I refuse to \"TRADE\" because the rules for trading are murky (F*cked) and every time I try to trade, the Gaming Gods (Moderators) suspend me for unfair trading practices.

However, I have no problem gifting what resources I can spare to help those who are further away from ZERO than I am at. My logic is that, even though is slows down my progress, it speeds up the progress of other members so that they will get bigger and stronger. They will be better able to defend themselves and they will be able to build Warships faster so we can actually wage WAR sooner than some people expect.

I highly recommend that those who can help those who are smaller than you for the good of the Alliance.

Yours in service,
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Trade = No: Gift = Yes
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