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 FAQ: About TAF-B1

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FAQ: About TAF-B1 Empty
PostSubject: FAQ: About TAF-B1   FAQ: About TAF-B1 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 8:24 pm

Q1: What type of play style does TAF-B1 encourage?

A1: TAF-B1 leadership encourages all play styles from turtle to raider to trader.

Q2: Do you have to be an experienced player or have a certain score to join TAF-B1?

A2: DEA accepts players of all types. There is no requirement for points to join. Players below 5,000 points are encouraged to join TAF-B1 training company, Alpha Company.

Q3: What can I learn as an Ogame beginner in TAF-B1?

A3: TAF-B1 leadership trains members to survive and thrive in TAF-B1. This includes teaching our players how to avoid loss of resources through fleet saving. We also teach members how to deal with higher level players who think they can farm our membership.

Q4: I know the game, having played in another uni or another server. What does TAF-B1 offer me?

A4: TAF-B1 encourages experienced players join DEA companies that matches their skill level and play style. We have companies that range from intermediate to advanced. Select players are invited to join Alpha Elite, the top players in TAF-B1. There is always something to learn in this game and our players share their knowledge to help improve each other to advance our alliance.

Q5: Are there leadership opportunities in TAF-B1?

A5: Absolutely. TAF-B1 is always looking for those players who can step up and lead or assist in leading one of our companies.

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FAQ: About TAF-B1
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